IAS boasts a huge and diverse inventory of archaeological equipment, suitable for a wide range of projects. Please bear in mind that not only can we transport the items you need directly to your dig site, but should anything you require be unavailable, we will be happy to order it for you.

Our inventory includes, but is not limited to, the following:

·                         Shades

·                         Hoes

·                         Large and small pickaxes

·                         Trowels and dustpans

·                         Brushes and brooms

·                         5-kg hammer

·                         Wheelbarrows

·                         Buckets

·                         Sifters

·                         Stakes

·                         String

·                         Work gloves

·                         On-site storage chests

·                         Work tables and chairs

·                         Finds bags and tags

·                         Various office supplies


Accompanying equipment

·                         Generators

·                         Lighting equipment

·                         Welders

·                         Jigsaws

·                         Jackhammers

·                         Jerrycans

·                         Ladders

·                         Fencing

·                         Safety signage

·                         Garbage bags and cans

·                         Tents, mats, mattresses and sleeping bags

·                         Gas cookers

·                         Dutch ovens

·                        Refrigerators

·                         Cooking utensils